The Difference Between Studio Lighting Photography and Natural Lighting

Lighting is an important element in digital photography. It can literally make or break your pictures. And it can also add to the emotions of the picture by showing details like expressions and feelings of the subject you’re taking pictures of. In order to make the best use of lighting, we must try and understand […]

Choosing Photo Or Photography Studio Backgrounds

Photo or photography studio backgrounds include muslin, flatplain cotton, chroma key, vinyl, hand painted and digitally printed backgrounds. Muslin backgrounds are ideal for the mobile photographer who is on location photography. They are light and easy to transport and are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from simple flat colors to mottled colors […]

Getting the Best Photographs From Your Studio Model

Studio photography is different than landscape, outdoors, animals, etc. where you have to shoot what is in front of you. In the studio… you are God… and must design all. The light, dark, props, posing, the desired theme or mood of the photograph you are after. Working with studio models can be especially daunting for […]

Is Photoshop Killing Your Studio Photography?

How can a photographers most important tool be the problem? Photoshop is wonderful. Ask any photographer about their most important piece of software and you will hear tales of wonder about Photoshop and everything that can be accomplished with this software. All this wonderful technology takes time. Time away from shooting, marketing and helping clients. […]